Smooth sustainable care for absolutely all hair types!

The treatment lasts approximately 180 minutes. The result lasts up to 12 weeks. The lengths remain smooth, but the root will necessarily buckle after regrowth. 



Short : 500 - 1000 AED

Medium : 1000 - 1350 AED

Long : 1350 - 1500 AED

* Possibility of extras depending on texture and thickness of hair

Taninoplasty is a procedure that can be used on any type of hair, it is 100% natural, it does not cause any damage on the hair and it softens, moisturizes and repairs it instantly. It is perfect for people who have straight hair that want to control the annoying frizz or hydrate them deeply. 

Well, this is a totally innocuous treatment that can be used by pregnant or lactating women, since it does not involve the application of chemicals or aggressive treatments like other treatments that smooth the hair. Taninoplasty uses an organic and natural product, based on the so-called tannins that are preservatives of vegetable origin that are found in the bark of trees, fruits or wine. The antioxidant properties of tannins are suitable for the treatment of curling, curls definition, capillary regeneration, smoothing and wave maintenance.

It acts from the inside of the hair generating a protein chain inside the hair fiber, which is activated by contact with the iron, hydrating the hair and smoothing it. It can be applied repeatedly as it does not damage the fiber of the hair or modify its internal structure. It also gives a natural look, with shine, making it silky and resistant.


Shiny hair, easy to style with volume maintenance


Short : 800 - 1100 AED

Medium : 1100 - 1500 AED

Long * : 1500 - 3000 AED

* Possibility of extras depending on texture and thickness of hair.

No to the volume !

The natural tendency of hair very curly and frizzy type Maghreb / ​​afros is to have volume. To tame them, the COFFEE PREMIUM ALL LISS has been specially developed in order to reduce the volume and soften the hair. It acts directly from the cortex, extending its softening and restructuring action to the cuticle.

  • Reconstruction and beauty of the hair under the benefits of Luna matrix, a set of amino acids of a formidable efficiency.

  • Elasticity and flexibility of the hair thanks to the polymer, which brings in more a totally natural effect for a perfect rendering.

  • The material is transformed to provide vibrant suppleness.


Yes to sweetness!

The lissage BBCOFFEE  is in addition a real special cocooning treatment softness for these rough and very dry hair. Coffee glycol has been added to the recipe because of its nutritional and protective properties. Illuminated and repaired, the hair is wrapped with an expert care that respects the deepest of their fiber.


After the simple and fast application of the Brazilian smoothing product COFFEE PREMIUM ALL LISS, the hair will remain supple and silky for about 6 months. A long lasting effect very appreciable! 

The very curly and frizzy hair finally have a smoothing treatment adapted to their nature! The latest honing product of the Honma Tokyo brand, the COFFEE PREMIUM ALL LISS the traitement , high-performance response. The hair is totally metamorphosed. 


Brazilian Smoothing Hair Go Straight Hair Care is suitable for all hair types. It brings brilliance, softness, relaxing the hair and eases the styling. It is ideal for very dry and damaged hair.


Enriched with crystal powder, this product repairs and smooths the hair perfectly


(on demand)

hair go straight


Incomparable performance ... an exceptional shine


collagene care.

Collagen is a protein found in all animal organisms. Recognized in cosmetics for skin care, it is also used for hair care. Its smoothing, hydrating and repairing influence makes collagen a miracle product for the hair.


Applied to the hair, it sheathes the cuticle. It strengthens and protects hair over time. In addition to repairing damaged hair, collagen gives them volume. It is a treatment that is particularly suitable for women with fine hair. With its restorative and thickening action, the hair quickly regains its lost vitality.

Smooth hair, healthier and with more volume


(on demand)


OLAPLEx care.

The beauty and hair care insurance

A revolutionary treatment, this miracle product is suitable for all hair types and is all the rage in the United States. OLAPLEX is a highly effective formula that provides shiny and healthy hair, even those damaged by colorings and aggressive smoothing. It also has a protective action for your next colorations.


OLAPLEX can be used both in treatment or at each of your colorings, highlights, bleachings, perms or smoothings. The hair is shinier and more brilliant than ever before.


This is the new indispensable partner for women who color their hair regularly. The hair is reborn, healthy and shiny. Bye-bye brittle hair


Treatment * : 300 AED

Technique (coloring/locks/discoloration) : 25 AED/dose

* Possibility of extras depending on texture and thickness of hair

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